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About myself.

Hello. Welcome to my Website 'Rebuilding the Ancient Foundation'. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.Rodger Dusatko

I presently live in Germany with my English wife Lynn and our three children.

I was born in 1954 at Riverside Airforce Base, southern California as both my father and mother served in the U.S. Airforce.

Shortly thereafter we moved to northern California, Santa Rosa where I was raised together with my brother Brad and sister Rebecca. I guess you could say we were middle-class Americans living a somewhat normal life.

At the age of 17 I graduated from High School and was contemplating going to College or a University. During this time one of my best friends, Bruce Keeney, as he was studying at the University of Berkley, became a Christian. It was somewhat a shock for myself, as I had been a convinced Athiest now for many years. My father and his father were Athiests, as well as a good percentage of my friends.

With calmness and certainity he spent hours talking to me about his relationship with Jesus, the bible, etc., giving me verses that I should memorize. It was all new to me. Until then I am not sure if I even knew who Paul was, and so I got a first hand account of what a real Christian is.

We didn't see much of each other since he was living in Berkley. After these talks with my friend I began reading the bible for myself. At first I was totally convinced that it was lies and I had made a very strong decision that I was not going to believe anything which was not true.

Each time I read the bible, since I knew absolutely nothing about it, I would simply open the book up and start reading at the page it opened to. The very first time it opened up to where David was annointed King of Israel as a child. As I continued to read about him not being afraid of Goliath and absolutely certain that he was able to defeat him, I had an experience where I said to myself, 'I'm going to read the bible more often.'

A few days later I again opened the bible, my second time. This time it opened to where Jesus commanded his disciples to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Those who would believe them and be baptized would be saved, but the others damned. And as I read about casting out demons, speaking in new tongues, drinking poison and not being harmed and laying hands on the sick, that they might recover, I called again my friend. 'Bruce, were these wonders only for back then, or do they happen today?' He told me that they happen today.

My idea of Christianity suffered its last blow. Now I knew that if I were to believe on Jesus, I would be one of those persons. And yet I was still an Athiest and when I thought of becoming a missionary, it was something with I could never imagine doing.

Again a few days went by and I was standing under a walnut tree in our back yard thinking about how the words of Jesus concerning casting all into Hell who do not believe. Was not this a contradiction, seeing that the Christian say that God is love? Will everyone be damned who do not become his disciples? And just as I was thinking about this I heard very clear words in my head, 'Can you believe?' It was not my own thoughts, but I experienced with these words the presence of Jesus. I had been a convinced Athiest for a long time. Inwardly I answered him, 'I do not know if I can believe. But if you are really true, I want to believe.'

Immediately I knew that Jesus speaks today. He is alive and not some historical figure. For the next days in everything I did, I was aware that he was with me. His presence and favor were too good to be true. I kept getting glances of him and decided that more than anything else in my life I wish to know him.

In these days he made it clear to me that if I want to be his disciple, I need to do what I would read in the bible. From that day on the fight started. How can I believe the bible? I was still convinced of my Athiesm. But since he told me to do what the bible said, I began reading it and attempted with zeal to do it.

I had just finished High School, so I had a lot of time. All day long I was seeking to be his disciple, reading and meditating in what the bible said. It just so happened that the bible opened up to Matthew and I was reading the teachings of Jesus concerning being his disciple, especially chapters 5 to 8.

Just days later I was in the room of my brother Brad. As I was sitting there a verse came to me that Bruce told me to memorize. It was 'Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and sup with him, and he with me.' As I thought of this verse I remembered what Jesus told me. I should do what the bible says. A bit puzzled I though about how to open the door. Within five minutes I began experiencing his presence in a very strong way. I became very excited and filled with his presence. It was so new to me. Determined that nobody should interrupt what I was experiencing, I took my sleeping bag and bible and left into the mountains to fast and spend all the time with Jesus alone. This day in August was my last day living at my home in Santa Rosa.

After fasting in the mountains on a river for a time I was headed back hitchhiking to Santa Rosa. My ride took me only as far as Eureka, California. And shortly I was picked up by some young men with long hair. They told me that they were on their way to Church and invited me to come with them. That night I arrived at Deliverance Temple, a Church full of young people with long hair. Deliverance Temple They told me that there were four Christian Communes where I could live if I was interested. Different than before, without words it became clear to me that I would be living a time in the smallest of these Communes, Carlotta Mansion.

It was like living in heaven. The Holy Spirit was often so strong amongst us that it felt like walking throught something that you could cut with a sword. My experiences with Jesus continued and my love for him began to develop as we loved one another and zealously gave ourselves to preaching the Gospel and doing the will of God.

I really was just in the beginning and I hadn't really yet been converted. As about four hundred young people met together at the largest Christian Commune, the Lighthouse Rance, a one-time Coast Guard Station where about 130 Christians lived, someone asked us all if anyone was ready to be baptized. I asked another friend who had been a Christian for a longer time, if he thought I was ready. Seriously contemplating, he said, 'Yes'. About thirty of us met together and we were told about repenting from all sin and giving our lives to Jesus, to be his disciples. My whole body began shaking. Darcy, another very young woman who was also wanting to be baptized, asked me if I took drugs. I told her that I had never taken them. But the shaking continued. It was clear to me that it would cost me everything. Contemplating the consequences of this is probably what caused me to shake so much. It was similiar to knowing that I would soon be dying.

We were all baptized by full immersion in the waves of the Pacific Ocean, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. As I came out of the water onto the sand I fell on my knees and prayed that I would not fall away from my decision.

We were all seated on a large log washed up onto the beach. Everyone was speaking in these new languages. For me, it was like taking a bath in God's divine presence. It was my first step and now I had repented from my sin and made the oath to never go back, but to follow Jesus as my Lord.

It is probably impossible to put on paper what I experienced in the next months. I had a new identity. I was no longer the Athiest Rodger Dusatko, but born of the Holy Spirit as a Son of God. Instead of being selfish, I had become a saint. As I was in the living room of Carlotta Mansion, talking to some others on the day of my baptism, I confessed, without knowing any of the Scriptures, that I would never be more righteous than I was that day. Had I not been clothed with Christ on that warm day, the 2nd of September, 1972?


It wasn't really something special that I became a missionary. Everyone became missionaries as we sent teams out, first to the major cities in the U.S.A. and then to other countries. But first I needed to be trained at boot camp!

Every day we were continually involved with doing what the bible taught. We were thankful for everything. Everyone who smoked quit. There was absolutely no cursing. When I hit my finger with a hammer or had some painful thing happen to me, I cried out 'Hallelujah'. We were all doers of the bible, in training to be sent to the nations.

We started our own companies and worked with all our hearts, doing our very best as the bible teaches. I was a bit shy when it came to proclaiming the Gospel. For the first months living in Carlotta we worked in a wood mill making grape stakes. I prayed continually in our little prayer cabin, but saw myself in the future preaching to people about following Jesus.

At this time the Elder of the house in Carlotta Mansion, asked me if I would like to begin preaching the Gospel in Eureka pushing donuts. So I moved to live in the big commune, the Lighthouse Ranch.


We had bunk beds, three high. My bed was long enough that I could stretch out, but somewhat narrow. However I had a very small window looking out to the ocean. Occasionally I saw whales in the Pacific on the surface of the water.

I was the Arcata Donut man, and had to drive in a car every morning, six days a week to Arcata. Everything we earned went to supporting the different works, but I received as pocket money a couple dollars per week. All of us knew that we weren't here to make money, but to preach the Gospel. In every package of donuts or bread you could read different scriptures from the bible. We talked to people, we gave people bibles or parts of the bible, and as we went, we often sang Psalms. We were in boot camp, preparing to go into all the world to preach the gospel.

Sometimes as I was on my way to Arcata, which took about an hour, I would be fighting with fear and simply wanting to die. In just minutes I would begin preaching the Gospel. Would the people be angry? Would they hear what I had to say? As soon as we arrived, however, and started preaching the Gospel, our fear would leave us, regardless of how the people reacted.

At ninteen the time had come for me to be sent out for the sake of the Gospel. I went on our second team to Los Angeles with about thirty others. We rented three houses and lived there also communally. Everything we earned went to pay for our expenses and we received a small allowance. Again we started our own companies and soon I was leading our small janitorial business.

Thursdays we would all load up into our cars and go to the beaches or other places in LA to preach the Gospel. People joined us, also becoming disciples and soon we were about two hundred. Then we bought the the Perris Ranch, which became a small center for disciples. Every Christian should live for the commission Jesus gave to preach the Gospel in all the world. But when you purposefully go to another part of the world to preach the Gospel, you automatically are very single minded and live for the very purpose of seeing people saved and receiving eternal life through believing the Gospel and being baptized.

During this time I began experiencing my first miracles with immediate healings, Since Jesus had told me to do what the bible said, I didn't pray for people to be healed. Instead I would lay my hands on them in the name of Jesus and say something like 'In the name of Jesus be healed'. A number of times people would look at me, amazed at what had just happened. One time, as I came home and a young woman was telling me of the pain she was having in her back, I simply reached out my hand and laid it on her. She was so excited that on Sunday she told everyone. It was a bit strange to me. The leader of our Christian House then asked me to pray for someone else. I did as he asked, but it really isn't the same. No miracle.

As I was later in India it again happened. The mother of two Pastors came to me and asked for me to pray for her to be healed of diabetes. I called her two sons and poured a lot of oil on her head and then laid hands on her in the name of Jesus. She was immeditely healed, but then the sons, who were leading the Church, asked me to pray for someone else. Again, it was not the same. No miracle.

Faith in God's word and acting on it brings healings, not the prayer itself. It is often better not to plan it, but to do it as a part of us preaching the Gospel as an expression of our faith.

After two years I joined a team of seventeen people to go and preach the Gospel in Germany. To earn our money, we planted trees for six months in northern California and Oregon. We lived in tents in the beautiful mountains, rising up with the sun and planting as good and fast as we could. Everything we did, we did to the LORD, to please him, and not for man.

During the first months we were living in the houses at our commune in Mendocino, 'the Lord's Land', being encouraged by Sabine Ball.


I arrived in Munich, Germany on the 6th of June, 1976. It was a warm summer and we were almost every day in different places in Munich preaching the Gospel. As I arrived in Trudering, there were about seventy people living in a large house, including people sleeping in the basement, in the garage; anywhere where there was floor space. My first job was making bunk beds. Then I went with John Jordan to France for a few weeks to build a large stone wall for an orphanage there.


Within no time I was the leader of evangelism, taking with me teams of people to different places in Munich. By now I had baptized many and was continually involved with small groups of people who were young disciples. First we had a Christian commune house in Trudering, then in Swabbing,  in Passing and in the center of the city. We rented halls where we would meet together Friday nights and Sundays.

In 1981 I worked for a Christian Organisation that brought bibles into the communist countries. I received news that my mother had ovaric cancer and according to the doctors had but a few weeks to live. Because of pains he had been operated on, but the cancer was so widespread that they simply sewed her back up. I had been writing my mother for years, and every letter was based upon the salvation message of Jesus. When I was with her she didn't want to hear, but who could stop me from writing about the promised eternal life wrought by Jesus as he was crucified and rose from the dead?

As I arrived home she looked already like a skelleton, in her last days of life. I can so vividly remember the joy as she sincerely repented directly before my eyes. Even before I arrived, as I prayed I didn't feel she would be dying as the doctors said. Her condition changed dramatically. All the cancer didn't leave on that day I prayed for her, but shortly thereafter I received from my Step-Father the news that the doctors could find no cancer. For months we read the bible together. But then, as she was again together with her Unitarian friends she turned again away from Jesus and I could again no longer talk with her about the faith. I used this time in the U.S.A. purely for evangelism. Again for six months I was in Eureka leading house to house evangelism, evangelism in the Universities and on the streets. In 1982 I was ordained as an evangelist by Jim Durkin and Dick Benjamin from Abbot Loop, Ancorage. Missionaries from all over the world had gathered together at the Christian Redwood Camp. During these days I got a call from Germany, where the brethren there were asking when I would return. It was also mentioned that Lynn had become a Christian, who later was to become my wife.

In the next years in Munich I was very involved with preaching the Gospel in the refugee houses as well as in the parks and streets of Munich. Evenings I was involved in different bible groups, which often started after baptizing people who made the decision to follow Jesus. I was also one of the leaders of the Gospel Outreach church in Munich.


Shortly thereafter, in May, 1983, I began working for DEC (DIGITAL Equipment) in the Application Development Group as a programmer. I found myself working in a job where I was gifted as well as interested. And with the same zeal I had to preach the gospel, I also excelled in my work as I did everything not for man, but for the Lord. At this time I started my own company in the Hermann-Ling Strasse. We had three complete stories of a large building and this became a christian center for the Church we had started in Munich.

Yearly I was involved with baptizing and meeting together in smaller groups teaching from the bible about discipleship. Yet more important than anything was my personal relationship to Jesus and his presence. It was my wish to please him that gave me the strength and zeal to be one of those disciples who preaches the Gospel unto the ends of the earth.

In 1979 I met my future wife in a bible study. In 1982 she also became a disciple and was baptized. Shortly thereafter the Lord spoke to her and gave another missionary woman a dream that we would one day marry. Little did she know that it would be almost five years later before it would happen.


As I grew im my faith the desire to please him brought with it holiness and faithfulness to doing what he would tell me. Over the years the importance of hearing him and doing what he says replaced my ideas of building churches or doing any activities.